New Midland Catering (NMC) is a local business and has the capacity and skill to deliver an excellent service and experience for the public sector.

Our concentration is on the three broad groups  Food, Customer Experience and Service.


  • NMC has over 10 years’ experience of providing mass catering at large events, including family-oriented celebrations (1000+ covers), with varied healthy and nutritious dishes.
  • NMC works within the seasons and works to create seasonal menus. Using seasonal ingredients enables organic produce to be budget-friendly.
  • NMC food is responsibly sourced.
  • NMC chefs have a broad experience of working at prestigious commercial venues across the UK, including Marriot Hotels, Hilton Hotels, and the Holiday Inn chain.
  • Many NMC events have international and multi-cultural guests who are catered for by NMC chefs. Making all people happy with tasty food is the main aim of our business.
  • Keeping food waste to a minimum is part of NMC company values.


Customer Experience

  • NMC core business has been the supply of high-quality food for the very demanding Asian weddings and special events. Repeat private business without government contracts for ten years is a measure of the great customer experience and enjoyment provided. Our business has developed via word of mouth recommendation.
  • NMC is used to providing varied dishes to suit multi-cultural needs.
  • NMC is very aware of food industry complexity and technical issues as we are STS accredited, including farm to fork traceability, product recalls, shelf life analysis etc.



  • NMC has high internal standards for its staff and is proud of their skill and dedication. NMC policies and procedures are well laid out and understood to ensure high standards are met.
  • NMC ensures budgets are met and managed responsibly.
  • NMC works with this input, to ensure efficient forward planning of seasonal menus and the minimizing of food waste.