At New Midland Catering we are concentrating on Non-GMO foods. Non-GMO stands for Non-Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO (genetically modified organisms) are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques. Consumers, environmental groups and scientists have cited health and environmental risks with foods containing GMO. As a result of the risks, many people are now […]

New Midland Catering- Mission statement, Values and Vision Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization, they determine our talents, motives, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes which provide stability and direction for the company by creating a guide to the way we do business, they sum up what we stand for and make NMC […]

Vanilla CheeseCake with Mango, Raspberry and FruitCoulis #Desserts Inspiring healthy eating as a catering supplier to the PublicSector, Educational, and Health in 2018. We are studying the resources of ‘School Food Standards’ closely. Management and key kitchen staff are working on combinations of food groupings, portion size control and increasing the mineral content of meals. NMC has high internal standards for […]

28 Mar

 Chorizo Bagel served with Scrambled Eggs & Cream Cheese. Fresh scrambled egg, chorizo served on a toasted bagel with side dressing. Catering for the PublicSector. A holistic approach to a healthy diet and a love of food and cooking within, and providing, for local communities. It is an ethos which New Midland Catering hold very highly […]

New Midland Catering (NMC) is a local business and has the capacity and skill to deliver an excellent service and experience for the public sector. Our concentration is on the three broad groups  Food, Customer Experience and Service. Food NMC has over 10 years’ experience of providing mass catering at large events, including family-oriented celebrations […]

The co-owner of New Midland Catering created the mango cream mocktail in the early stages of the formation of their catering company. He decided to create a relatively healthy, nutritious and strengthening drink. Combining together a mix of sweet ‘superfoods’ such as dates, bananas, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries along with ripe pears, seedless juicy grapes, […]

Aromatic, delicious, a favourite; on any celebratory occasion and highly favoured in the Indian sub-continent.  Also described as a ‘meal of its own kind’, pilau can be cooked with a choice of meats or chicken, whereas some regions will have pilau prepared with prawns, fish or just vegetables. Flavoured with a seasoned broth and spices, its unique […]

  It is said that the Gulab Jamun was first prepared in medieval India, derived from a fritter that Central Asian Turkic invaders brought to India. One theory claims that it was accidentally prepared by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s personal chef. The word “gulab” is derived from the Persian words Gul (flower) and Ab […]